VidaGoods 15lb-70lb Tactical Compound Bow Package Set

List Price: $499.99
Item Price : $499.99-$499.99 Check Price
Item ASIN: B01J9W23YK
Top Feature :
IBO Rate:Up to 320 fps; Draw Length 19″ – 30″;Axle to Axle:31″; Draw Weight 15 Lbs – 70 Lbs;Without Bow Press. 80% Let Off; Brace Height 7″; Naked Bow Weight: 3.85 lbs

Item Description:

Brand New Compound Bow! Limb import from Gordon Composites in USA.CNC machining bow riser and cam.This bow is suitable for beginners, but also for the professional level.Hard Bow Case – You can take your bow to any place you want to go.This is not just a bow,it is a right choice.When you receive the product, you don’t have to buy any other accessories at all.

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